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Cookies Policy


Use of cookies

Cookies are short text files or small data packs, which are stored through the internet browser of your end device  (PC, tablet, laptop or mobile phone), when you browse through different sites and pages on the internet. The main goal of the cookies is to make the user identifiable when he returns to the website. Some cookies have more specific application such as to remember the user’s behavior on the site and facilitate the user to use the web site. More information about how cookies function can be found on the internet.

How are cookies used on this web site?

We use cookies on this website mostly to facilitate the usability of the site, improve its functionality and store information about the user’s behavior. Within the said process, we do not store personal data, i.e. we cannot identify your personality by using the cookies on our site, therefore the Personal Data Protection Act does not apply to the collection of such information. The information collected by the cookies is usually used in its summarized form for the purpose of analyzing the user’s behavior on the website, which would allow us to improve the site functionality, the user pathways and the used contents.

What cookies are used on this web site?

Session cookies
This type of cookies facilitates you to use the site as they store temporary information only within the time of the session of the used browser. Usually, the information which is stored through them is about what goods and services you have added to your basket, which pages of the site you have visited and how you have reached to certain information. These cookies do not collect information from your end device and are automatically deleted when you leave the website or terminate the session of your browser.

Persistent cookies
They enable us to store particular information for your browsing history, such as analysis of site visits, how you have reached the website, which pages you have scrolled, what options you have chosen, and where you have been redirected through this website. By tracking such information, we are able to make improvements in the website, including corrections of errors and extension of its contents. The term of storage for such type of cookies varies depending on their particular designation.

Third-Party Cookies
Our website contains links to other sites or integrated contents of other sites, such as from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, partners’ websites. It is possible that when you visit these sites or open their contents, some cookies from these websites are stored in your end device. Such cookies are defined as third-party cookies and we do not have control on their generation and management. We advise you to try to find information about them and how they are managed at the websites of the respective third parties.

How can I manage the use of cookies from this website?

All browsers allow to manage cookies from a specially created file of your browser. You may block the reception of cookies, delete all or part of them and customize your settings with your opted preferences on the use of cookies before you initiate any visit on our website. Do not forget that deleting or blocking cookies may have unfavorable effect on the full functionality of our website and on your user experience with it.

How to disable or bock cookies

Cookies control, disabling or blocking is managed by the settings on your browser. Do not forget that full ban to use cookies may reflect on the functionality and performance of our website, its efficiency and access to certain information.