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pH5.5 Skincare Set


80ml + 30ml + 20ml

Safe me. Relief moisture cream 12- 80 ml: Leaves the skin supple and hydrated for up to 48 hours! This mild and lightweight moisturizer contains 93% natural ingredients such as raspberry extract, bergamot and sage oil. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Safe me. Mini-Safe me. Relief essence toner -30 ml: This pH 5.5 toner soothes and hydrates skin while restoring balance. Formula is infused with plant-based extracts and moisturizing ingredients to ensure skin stays supple all day long. Free of artificial fragrances.
Relief Cleansing Foam -20 ml: Made with EWG-verified ingredients, this slightly acidic cleansing foam is infused with hydrating and soothing extracts from raspberry, coconut and lavender as well as glycerin to help skin maintain balance, while effectively ridding makeup residues and impurities. Suitable for sensitive skin. Free from 7 kinds of harsh chemicals.



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+ 5.5 ± 0.5
+Free of artificial fragrances
+ 5.5 ± 0.5

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