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I’m from HONEY MASK 30 g

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The benefits of honey for the skin include anti-inflammatory and remedy effects, improving overall skin health. Real honey makes the skin supple while also providing elasticity and soothing care, and this Honey mask contains 46.44g of natural honey that is effective in deep moisturization and nourishment. Applying honey to the skin also provides exfoliation to create the look of a clear complexion leaving the skin glow. Skin type: All skin types.

How to use:

1) After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount over the face.

2) Relax with the mask on for 10 minutes up to an hour.

3) Remove the mask using a spatula.

4) Gently rinse off with warm water.

Benefits & Results: Mask that provides a deep moisturizing effect while exfoliating the dead skin cells for a glowing complexion.


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